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Lunny Building Diagnostics is certified by EDI (Exterior Design Institute) and Moisture Free Warranty Corporation to provide invasive stucco inspections on residential & commercial buildings. We comprehensively evaluate these systems, including hard-coat stucco, stone, stone veneers, EIFS (Exterior Insulating Finish System), cement board siding and brick applications.

Our inspections are thorough and detailed and include:


  • Inspecting all windows and doors for proper flashing and sealants.
  • Checking that Kickout diverters & other flashing components (on chimneys, decks, roof to wall intersections and multi-material transitions) are installed.
  •  Verifying that Tar paper or Tyvek is properly installed
  •  Checking that gutter systems are functioning sufficiently.
  •  Checking that weep holes are present and adequate for brick cavity drainage systems.

Rob Lunny is a sought after stucco inspector as an expert on the subject of Water Management & performance of exterior cladding systems. Lunny Building Diagnostics holds regular training seminars and Realtor CE Courses to help agents and professionals better serve their clients.  We are not home inspectors, we are experts in the field of exterior cladding system evaluations.



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