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Thank you!  


I would like to add, it was a pleasure doing business with you.  I will be recommending your shop to anyone who asks, everyone I dealt with was extremely knowledgeable.  





Hi Shawn,

 Thanks again for helping me out with the hard top! You guys are far beyond any other business as far as customer service; you have a customer for life out of me for sure. Let me know when would be a good time for that inspection and oil change. If you need any more info from me for the insurance claim shoot me an email or call me. Thanks man, have a good weekend!





The rock guards and side panels look great.

So far so good with the engine missing as well.

Nice work as usual.

I think seats will be next.





I love the way my jeep turned out! Tell everyone thank you! Love it!







Thanks goes out to you and the rest of the staff at Jeff Daniels.  While the process took months, due to my indecision, when it came time to execute, you guys were excellent.  Thanks for your patience with me.   I couldn't be happier with the end result and look forward to hitting the trails at Rausch Creek this weekend.  


Best regards,




Just wanted to let you know, the job your team did on my Jeep is as expected... OUTSTANDING. My Jeep is riding like it's new...Love it!!!

Thank you all!!!

Best Regards,



Ah, if only I had known about this place 7 years ago when I paid some idiot to do a Jeep CJ-5 buildup for me. After many years of attempting (and failing) to finish the restoration myself, I threw in the towel and took it to JD's for some professional help.

For $299, you get a thorough rundown of the condition of your jeep, with repair estimates for each broken part. You pretty much pick and choose your repairs from there, from minor touch-ups to massive restorations. (They also do full ground-up builds from nothing, diesel conversions, and whatever else your Jeep might need)

What impressed me most was their familiarity with the platform, including my Chevy motor. They are really thorough, and were able to fix up pretty much everything, including some random bits that were on the verge of failure that I didn't even catch.

Costs are, well, what you'd expect. Their parts prices are similar to what you'd find in Quadratec, labor is on the high side for rural Pennsylvania, but I guess you pay for expertise. (My CJ5 project, including rebuilt carb, engine tuneup, new suspension, wheel spacers, lots of frame repairs, roll bar frame tie-ins, fuel lines, throttle cable, and tons of other minor repairs ran me about $8k)

Daryll H.


The BEST customer service EVER!

I had a lot of work done to my 1973 Jeepster Commando about 6 months ago. I had driven from VA up to Harleysville, PA and left 
the Jeepster there for 2 months. When I got it back, I was extremely pleased with the quality of service. I had actually considered higher priced alternatives to the work they had completed, but what they delivered was great and more affordable. They are not a cheap operation but they earn every penny in quality and craftsmanship.

Of all of the things they did for me, I was recently having a problem with the brake booster that they had installed. I sent them an e-mail stating that I would be at the York, PA Jeep show and described my problem. I knew that they would be at the same event. They replied the same day and said that they would be happy to look at it.

When I arrived the JeffDaniele's crew greeted me with every part they might need to make the repairs. They worked for the better part of 2 days in the HEAT until the problem was solved. Since my issue was with the brakes, they even provided a loaner Jeep for the night so I could drive back to the hotel. Daniel HIMSELF was out there in the heat hand filing a piece of metal to make sure it fit perfectly. Geoff (Not THE Jeff, but a fantastic employee) got hot, sweaty, dirty and downright nasty addressing my issue. He would not rest until it was fixed.

I have been dealing with older Jeeps and their unique mechanical quirks for over 20 years. These guys KNOW Jeeps. I have been dealing with customer service my whole life. These guys KNOW customer service.

If you are in PA, VA, GA, or CA, it will be worth your time and money to have these guys do the work for you if you want it done right and backed up with great customer service.

I can't say enough about these guys. I will have them taking on any future projects as well.

Jason L.


I wish I had know about this place with my first jeep. I might still have it. I needed the rear axle seals replace again on my surrent jeep (dealership did it 3 years earlier). Jeff was highly recommended so I took my 2004 Grand there. He replaced both seals for $100 less than what the dealer charged me 3 years earlier. Two months later I took it for inspection at local garage and it failed cause the seal was leaking again. I called Jeff and he said bring it right in. They looked at it confirmed it was leaking and replaced the the seal again and passed it for inspection free. He explained if it does it again what the next step would be and how much. The guys there are totally awesome and prices are so much less than my jeep dealer. This is my second jeep and I will not be buying anything else now that I have an honest and reliable place to take them to get fixed. If you own a jeep Jeff should be doing the work on it.

Sandra C.




Jeff Daniels installed an after market suspension, new tires, new tire carrier on my husband's 2015 Rubicon.Shawn and team were great. He talked with my husband at length about the set up for the jeep, made some recommendations about the various options. They put together a game plan for the work to be done on the Jeep. Since all the parts needed to be ordered Shawn touch based to provide updates regarding the ETAs for the parts. Once all the parts were in an installation date was set as well as a clear expectation about how long the conversion would take. Work started and ended on time, there were no additional or hidden charges. Since the installation the Jeep has been off roading and 600 miles were put on the vehicle. Jeep went in for retorting of components. Everything went as planned. The Jeff Daniels staff, facility and service has been awesome!

Phyllis K.


Picked up the Jeep Sunday night, everything looks great so thanks. Interesting fix on the Super Charger, seemed pretty simple really. So Kudos to your staff for fiquring that out. I'm a little embarrassed about the issue with the winch. Yes the guys were right, there is nothing wrong with other than user error.  Tires and new fender look good, and thanks for installing the LED fog lights. Now I can annoy all the BMW people right back when coming head on.

As usual nice work. I'll be combing the catalogs for additional upgrades!

Thanks again


When I picked up my Jeep the clutch and front locker were fixed, so ultimately my issue was resolved.

Communication was adequate.  Most correspondence was initiated by me (they do pickup the phone religiously).  
My biggest issue is with three items regarding my experience:
1)  The shop failed to fully install my tie rod upon re-assembly of the front end (did not tighten bolts).  In addition, they failed to re-install the clutch arm boot.  The latter is not a particularly big deal, however, shows a lack of attention to detail.
 2)  We had discussed pricing figures throughout the process.  When I can in to pickup the jeep, I was charged almost DOUBLE what the highest figure discussed was.  Having built this (among other) vehicles from the ground up I have a pretty good understanding of their scope of work and felt that the amount of shop time billed was very excessive 
 3)  When I posted a negative review on a different review site, the response received was what I would consider unprofessional.
EDIT: Based on the response received by JDs I removed the portion of my post pertaining to their shop rates and the amount of time the process took.  Given the scope of work I can understand the duration my Jeep was in their shop, and I incorrectly noted that their shop rate was high (upon review of my invoice this is an inaccurate statement).  

I commend Jeff Daniels on what they do for the Jeep community, and can appreciate the reputation that they have achieved. Based on this it is certainly possible that my experience was an isolated incident.


Hi, Just to let you know how impressed I am with the quality of the workinstalling the bull bar and lights on my Honda CRV. I popped the hood and checked out the wiring at it was really well done. So too was the switch onthe dash. I have not had the opportunity to use the lights but I am sure I now have plenty of light power to fill the road. Again, thanks for the
quality work.

Stuart L.

Instead of purchasing a new or slightly used Jeep, we made the decision to fully restore our 1998 Jeep Cherokee mechanically instead. Even though we had maintained the vehicle well throughout the years it still needed a lot of work. Our instructions to Jeff Daniel's was simple. Do whatever it takes to restore it.

Their initial estimate came in around $4,600. Work included a full tune-up, oil and filter change, removal of front dash to repair gages, heater and air conditioner, rebuild of front axle, front rotors and pads, spot welding to repair brakes, full body undercoating, driveline fluids changed, repair rear defrost and wiper, replacement of valve cover gasket, and repaint of tire rims. The final bill was $4,300...$300 less than estimate.

We've driven the jeep extensively these past several days and we're more than satisfied with the results. It's like driving a new vehicle! These guys did a sensational job. If you own a Jeep and you're looking for honest people who understand jeeps to make your repairs look no further. Give Jeff Daniel's a chance to EARN your business. You won't be disappointed. We weren't.

Dennis & Julie


Just wanted to post up something about this shop.

I had some Death Wobble issues after installing my 3" lift, and so I took my XJ here to get it aligned and checked out. They were very friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating.

If you are looking for a shop that knows their stuff in Southeast PA, Jeff Daniel's is a great option.



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